I cry for us

I cry for us.
people powerless in society,
the despised,
the de-humanized
what a contradiction.

The despiser.
I cry for us. 
And sob,
that it is in our nature
to inflict pain,
bully, fellow human beings.

Recently during a delicious and amiable meal, a 20-something friend of mine asked me for details of how Gays and Lesbians in the US got more freedoms, and about Stonewall.

Thereafter I shared with him this audio documentary, "Remembering Stonewall," by Peabody and MacArthur Awardee David Isay. Produced in 1989 and broadcast on NPR's All Things Considered.  I had not heard it in years.  Hearing it anew, especially eye-witness accounts of lesbians brutally beaten for fun by male cops, it makes me cry. 

I'm glad for meals where generations ask questions of each other. They give me hope.

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