Of Cabbage and Spring

It feels like a Spring day here in Houston. As i entered Casa Juan Diego this morning my thoughts went to the early Texas Natives, the Texas Indians, who lived here 12,000 years ago. Hunters at first, they later prepared meals with the berries, leaves, nuts and grains that they identifeed as healthy. These supplemented their meat diet, since they were primarily hunters. But by 900 AD these "Indians," my ancestors, were eating primarily not animals but the plants and grains that they cultivated.

They were on my mind because I thought to myself, "We're doing the same thing, the women at the shelter and the rest of us, nourishing our bodies with what is around us." We didn't have much today. A couple heads of cabbage, frozen packets of ground beef, onions and three strands of celery. Of course plenty of rice. Hurray! These became delicious baked stuffed cabbage rolls! Several cans of yams came up to get whipped with milk for a velvety puree and then we opened cans of green beens. Wonderful.

Gracias a Dios for a beautiful Spring-like day and the food around us.

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