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McCain's McMansions

McCain's number of houses has really taken off. Here's the mansions video that edits and contrasts.

Practical advice and resources

The sign outside the elevator door at my hotel here in Sao Paulo reads: "Before entering the elevator, make sure that it is on this floor." I wonder how many have fallen down the elevator shaft.

Mary Hess included this video in her well-received and insightful presentation at the 6th International Conference on Media, Religion and Culture here in Sao Paulo, "Social Media in Plain English."

Dr. Hess' contrast of the website, "FeAutor," with the website, "GodTube," was a revealing study of worldviews and theologies.

steal this film

You can find this on you tube and also download it from . It is a clear, complex statement of the "intellectual property" idea. "Steal This Film" is being translated into Spanish, sub-titles, and will be uploaded so that youc an download the spanish-language version. Here it is in google:


Doctoral Students Seminar in Brazil

Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark is blogging during this exciting seminar about current research in "Media, Religion and Culture." Here:
The doctoral students are making headway in:
Video games and religion,
poltical resistance and film in Serbia,
land re-claiming in Colombia among indigenous communities


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