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Clash of Culture

Mary experienced a clash of cultures when asked NOT to bring her laptop into a seminar. I will use her commments at my next presentation to Catholic church administrators who are mainly 50-65 years of age. As far as I can see, these bureacrasts just don't get it. They can't get it. They just are blind to this new culture, new way of being in space and time. I reacted positively to Mary's bad situation because it helps me plan. It confirms my analysis that the current bureaucracy cannot imagine new ways for churches to lead because they cannot see the context around them. My plans are based on the fact that such blind leadership is soon to end. Its time is limited to no more than 10 years. The new generation is already doing things differently and that's where the future is being defined. I dodge and do not support the one and energetically facilitate the other.

state terror by US Democrats

I still feel the heavy weight of sorrow about Schumer and Feinstein voting for the appointment of the US Attorney General who will not repudiate near death drowning as a means of torture. We have become a country where the basic human instincts of compassion are not cultivated but abandoned.
The democrats in the Senate can no longer criticize the Bush administration for its attack on our constitutional rights and its endorsement of human torture.
Amy Goodman devoted part of her program, "Democracy now," to this issue and her guest, Naomi Klein ("Shock Doctrine") was eloquent in her analysis of this erosion in democracy.

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