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Free Software Lab in Chillan

Congratulations to Rodrigo Ramirez and his small Linux community in Chillan, Chile, who last Saturday inaugurated a 20-computer lab in a Catholic elementary school, completely open source, free software.
The school, San José, now begins a training program for the kids and their parents. It will make a big difference in that economically poor but resourcefully rich community. Rodrigo and his team have a full report, with manual ( so you can see how to install high quality, very low cost computers), and pictures. Felicidades, Colegio San Jose!

I cancelled my mobile telephone contract with cingular/formerly AT&T. I don't know that my new one will be any better, but I'm trying to avoid paying money into these corporations that want to make the Internet their highway to control (with government permission) of ideas and communities by a few short-sighted money-makers.

This video gets to the point fast, and I urge you to sign on to support the coalition for net neutrality

Legislation being worked on now would give corporations legal rights to control which sites you can or cannot see.
Thanks to Rodrigo Garcia of the Archdiocese of Santiago and the Linux Community, Chile, for again reminding me of this. He and others outside the US find this development frightening becuase it portends international initiatives that the US will undertake should the corporations win this one in the US.

It's been a long dry spell of non-blogging but now I'm back into a routine of cyber access. Para mis amigos en América Latino les recuerdo inscribirse para participar en el congreso nacional de software libre en Chile.

This week I shared with friends the dvd that I purchased in Ecuador for US$ 1.00, "Voces Inocentes." Screened at Cannes, this feature film is gripping because it does not take sides in regard to the civil war in El Salvador. Instead, it tells the story of an 11-year-old boy and his family caught in the insanity of all war. Children used for armies. English subtitles.

What also makes it gripping is that it is based on the true story of screenwiter Oscar Torres's embattled childhood. Director, Luis Mandoki deals with the violence effectively by showing faces, emotional reactions, rather than blood and gore ala Mel Gibson.

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