"Either we are or we're not"

This morning I had a delightful breakfast with Claudia Peña y Lillo, a charming and disarmingly insightful Pauline sister in Santiago, Chile.

She is undertaking an ambitious project that moves her large publishing house from content creator and distributor to content enabler and promoter. To this end, she will explore open source, free software, freeing material from copyright, and train and encourage parishes to create their own materials and share them. She has a vibrant vision and is not deterred by the fact that others in her organization may not easily warm up to this type of change. It is a move away from the corporative neo-liberal model of patents and copyright to the original mode of community sharing and creating.
She told me across the croissants: "O somos o no somos." I'll keep this quote about Christian identity, an identity which is dyamic and about choices: "Either we are or we're not."


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