Evo Morales and Atahuallpa

Yesterday Bolivia saw the installation of Evo Morales, at the ancient native ceremonial site, the Akapana Pyramid. The last time this happened was 500 years ago, with the last of the indigenous leaders, Atawallpa. Morales was dressed in the special ceremonial tunic of past Tiwanakota rulers. Morales is an Aymara, the first indigenous President of Bolivia.

Travelling through Latin America over the past 20 years, I've witnessed the steady decline of income, nutrition and education. Economic plans modelling liber capitalism have caused suffering and death.

So I'm watching with attention this sea change in political awareness and democratic reform that is happening on the Latin American continent. Alberto sent me Evo Morales' recent presidential address in which a new direction is clearly outlined. This is the link to the text of his address. He will undo the privatization of water. He will also import expertise from the US and Europe to develop industrial and productive capacity within Bolivia. This latter will replace the policy of simply exporting basic materials. Oil will not be a privately-held resource anymore.

There is definitely a new wind blowing on the continent.

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