Holidays and Rest

Rest, freedom from activity or labor, is a welcome prospect at the end of this horrendous year, annus horrribilis. SE Asia's struggle with the devastation by tsunami, over 2,000 US soldiers and countless Iraq civilians dead, Crawford ranch now more fortified against peace demonstrations, Katrina, Rita...and so on.

I go back to Glory Dharmaraj's echoing phrase, "church happens," and things look brighter.
I wish you happy days and will return to blog in early January, hoping for an annus mirabilis. In the meantime,Our Lady Peace sings of longing and of our solidarity in "Innocent."

For an uplifting moment, here's a listen to "De Colores," by Brave Combo, one of my favorite bands. They composed a touching Christmas carol,"Corrido Navideño" that I'll listen to over and over again during this Christmas season....... I guess I'm really longing for that "face to face" joyous, peaceful experience.

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