Refugees in Houston

At midnight this morning buses that were bringing refugees from New Orleans to the Houston Astrodome were turned away. Capacity at the Astrodome was full. Bedlam was everywhere. Whoever made the decision to bring 24,000 people from the Superdome to the AStrodome must be crazy. There is now way that the AStrodome can hold that many people.

An adjacent stadium is being used temporarily, but the refugees will have to be bused to other cities.

Houston is responding well, but for some bizarre reason, the national government is not responding diligently to the plight of the poor. These citizens could not evacuate because they were too poor. There ought to have been a massive federal effort to send buses and truck to evacuate them. They are abandoned by our system....or I should say they continue to be abandoned by our system. Death, anxiety, disorientation, malnutrition are rampant.

The refugees are POOR,AND PEOPLE OF COLOR. There is no doubt that we are seeing the face of structural racism.

The emphasis by the Louisianna governor on policing the looters is misplaced. If people do not have water, food nor medicine, they have a right to break windows, go into the abandoned store, and take the water. This is clear.

The refugees here in Houston need clothing. Many are still in buses where they have been for hours.
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