Plane tickets and Reading Glasses

The work at the tech center at the Astrodome is shifting slightly to housing, employment and travel.
As regards travel, we need more help in the form of either cash or plane tickets for people who have found family members and need to reunite with them. Continental Airlines is providing really rock bottom low fares, so a few dollars can go a long way. Yesterday they also waived the fare that they normally charge to transport a pet. Hurray for Continental!
Southwest Airlines has provided us with a limited number of free tickets and these are like a miracle for families desparate to join their loved ones in places far from Houston. SW Airlines should get high praise for showing true luv!
But the main work is still trying to find missing loved ones. The consolidation of some of the sites is making work a little more effective. When I search on Yahoo Survivors, it automatically searches other data bases. This is a HUGE improvement. My faith in good people, in our Houston and US community is strengthened.

Donate to local churches who are doing direct assistance for basic needs. Yesterday $5 to buy a pair of reading glasses was a life-saver for a father who could then dial the telephone to reach his family.

This morning I'm proud to live in Houston. Volunteers by the hundreds demonstrate our strong sense of community and solidarity.

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