Hope with Caution

Good news is my focus right now in the shelter. First, I've got access to WiFi and was able to bring my laptop on my backpack. It's good to have another communication option, along with my battery-operated radio. It looks like we will have lesser winds than expected, but we're still bracing as Rita hits in about 6 hours.
Second: The image of Mayor White glaring at the journalist during the news conference and emphatically: "That will not happen."
This to the question about how many people might die on Interstate 10 given the horrendous health emeregency that developed. He got the big gas tankers to reach all the cars and fill the tanks. All available lanes did in fact open up to allow only "outbound."

All the local TV news media repeatedly reported the growing health danger. Agencies did send trucks with water, hurray. And those areas not yet reached by the trucks, the people living in homes within walking distance of Interstate 10, came out of their homes with bottles of water and food for the passengers. Is that not God/Love truly alive among us!. All of the cars made it out of the danger area.

And lastly, politician George W. Bush was told to go away. He had planned to come to Texas this afternoon for photo opportunities. Can you imagine that? Here we are crouching in fear and he wants to fly in from the White House with his entourage. No.
So, just a few hours ago he cancelled his trip here and is making his way to the mountains of Colorado to visit some central hurricane organizing management center. It is my ardent hope that the image of him boarding his jet to Colorado/split screened with locals taking care of each other will emphasizes his irrelevance to the real life and agenda of US citizens. For once he was not able to use US citizens for his photo opportunity. Hurrah.

And really lastly, this placed emphasis, in the news broadcast, on the fact that he was actually looking for an opportunity to NOT BE IN THE WHITE HOUSE this weekend. He does not want to be there during the anti-Iraq war protest. He is still running scared from Cindy Shehan.We are praying, fearful yes, but prepared as best we can be.

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