Bright ideas from FEMA

I'll share what gave me a rueful smile early in the Astrodome experience.
Remember the big bright idea that FEMA had, to move the Katrina survivors to cruise ships? The ships had already arrived here, docked and ready. Local leaders roundly rejected it. There were many reasons, one of them being how quickly disease can spread.

Rick Casey's column in the Houston Chronicle (He used to write for the National Catholic Reporter) this morning reminded me about the cruise ship idea, recalling how out of touch bureacats can be.

He writes that At hearing the proposal, one black official leaned over to another and whispered something along the lines of: "Now think about it. The last time they asked our people to get on a boat without telling them where they were going...No, thank you!"

Casey says that When shelter residents, many of whom had seen enough water thank you very much, indicated a preference for cots on dry land with freedom to walk out the door as opposed to private bedrooms surrounded by a large moat, the plan was canceled. His full column is here.

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