Stop the War - from Crawford Texas

Crawford, Texas, having supper and talking with Cindy Sheehan and other moms, family of soldiers who have died in Iraq. It has been over 100 degrees, but anti-war community women, men, children are in good spirits and determined to make a change in this war status. They come from all over: California, Colorado, Washington, etc.

Bush still refuses to meet with Sheehan. She arrived here at the camp about 2 hours ago and laid flowers on a cross, one of hundreds staked in a cemetery plot created along the road, with hundreds of other small white crosses with names of other soldiers who have died. This is called the "Arlington of the South." People are mingling, talking, smiling. Joan Baez stirs the spirit. At sundown, we gathered at the Arlington of the South where Joan and Cindy stood, eyes closed, alongside a Marine who played taps on his bugle. After that, Joan began a stirring, earthy rendition, "Ain't gonna let nobody turn us around." We all clapped and joined in the singing.

We’re making a difference. We just have to keep asking the news media to stay and cover this story, a story of questions and accountability. Tell any news person you know to keep the spotlight on this story.

Organization is great: a large tent setup (big enough for 400 persons) with sophisticated lighting, stages, and the amenities for us travelers from afar: cold water, food, tables and chairs, toilets. Hundreds of cars line this farm road that borders the Bush estate. I’ll be here for a while today, making a difference.

Peace is the way.

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