Yet another turn to multi-media

Kuangchi Cultural Group has been a trade book publisher for 40 years and 3 years ago began a move into the same building as Kuangchi Program Service. Rev. Ray Parent, director, comes from a television background and has produced documentaries and dramas in Africa, Asia and Europe. No surprise, then, that he has produced a series of multi-media kits for use in schools for "Education for Life." These are based on 12-minute video dramas that are wonderfully photographed. The ones I saw focused on "the wonder of life." The kits contain the video dramas, mtv style music videos and a 2-minute reflection. They also contain 4-color printed material for use by students for the learning activities. Teacher lesson plans and teacher guides complete the kit. Ray says that teacher training was part of the plan but budget did not allow for implementation.

Schools are using this innovative approach to subjects, and another unit is currently in production. I must say that Ray is really daring and innovative in his approach. the drama I saw included real-life footage of a child being born, coming out of the womb. Ray shot these scenes himself, being the only one that the hospital and parents would allow into the hospital room for the birth. If you'd like to see any of the videos in the kits, write to Rev. Ray Parent. Even though the program is in Chinese it is very, very understeandeable because of the direct story line and the visual action.

Their book catalog contains 800 titles, and some DVD's, like the Italian-US production of Abraham.
Since the move to the new building meant they could no longer have a bookstore, Ray and his team of 2 women executives moved to go online and this has been a life-saver for them. Though a bit clunky still, since purchases have to be faxed in, nevertheless the staff is pleased with sales (save their budget actually!) and they are looking forward to implementing a fully operational on-line store.

Only faith keeps these wonderful artists going. Total commitment to mission is evident......and they smile constantly. i guess everyone is happy to be leaving work for 8 days to celebrate Chinese new year.

Everyone goes to their family, so the southerners are coming to Taipei and the Taipei business workers are going south to their original families. There is a wonderful air of celebration, with decorations of red good-luck ribbons all over the place.

This morning I'm climbing the highest building in the world, 101. then a flight at 7:30 PM, onward to Manila.

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