The best laid plans

Just woke up. I’ts 5:30 AM and I’m still in Taipei.

Last night my Philippine Air 6:30 PM flight was at first delayed, then cancelled due to the dense fog that descended on and covered Taipei, which sits on a basin surrounded by mountains.

Havoc and dissarray reigned at the airport as we were herded to and fro by Philippine personel who weren’t sure how we could get back to the main terminal, since we had already cleared immigration. We finally got back to the terminal to find out that our luggage was not to be given to us, since it was already in bins. It would simply wait at the airport and travel with us the next day on the flight to which we had been re-booked. Oh my………….with broken chinese and English I did get my luggage – which I credit to some miracle being handed down to me by angels. I had foolishly packed some medication instead of carrying it with me.

Well, no hotel was provided, so some successful scramling landed me here where I slept nicely, except for awakening prematurely. But all is well. I was able to email my hosts in Manila and they are rearranging the meeting times.

Have a nice day, and until later from Manila, God willing.


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