Asia Pacific Rim Trip Starts

This afternoon I start my trip to the Asia Pacific Rim. Via Vancouver, I'll arrive in Taipei and star with a visit to my friends at Kuangchi Program Service. I'll be travelling through Feb. 20th.

The questions that I have are many and I doubt that I'll get answers. What I think I will get, what I hope to get, is some friends with whom I can ask those questions. Friends with whom I can try to strengthen existing collaborative actions that will heal wounds over time..........over a long time.

I've learned that relationships are priceless and to celebrate them in the now will create the future I hope for.

As a member of WACC North America, NARA-WACC, I'll be asking some WACC questions: What is it that materially connects the North American Region to the Asia Pacific region? Is it the global economy and specifically what trades? What are the pressing issues that create injustice and suffering and to which Christian churches are materially connected? When Christians in Asia and in North America pray in worship, are there any connections to each other that are felt? that are real?

How do Asian Christians and North American Christians describe their utopic vision of a religiously pluralistic world? Or is there even such a shared vision?

What are some real bonds that we can live and celebrate with each other across the vast distances? What are the bonds that are now possible even across great distances due to our mediated global connectedness?

As you can see, I'm not starting off in a very practical way, but that's how it goes.

Now I'm taking a cab to the airport.


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