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site for young adult Catholics

A friend recommended I visit this site which offers info about the Catholic faith for young adults. Busted Halo says it is geared to "seekers" and is another example of information packaged in attractive ways.

There's a section where you can ask a question and the site says that everybody will get a response. I would think that this section would get a lot of hits. Here's one of the answers to the question about hopelessness as a sin.
"We rarely speak of demons in our time, but maybe in our world the demon involved would be egotistical selfishness, and the blasphemy would be maintaining that there is not generosity or kindness present or possible in the world--everyone must look out for his or herself at the expense of others. Or it could be power or wealth or anything that consumes a person and leads him or her 100% away from God."

I think that's nicely stated. To my liking, the next step would be to link this idea to the happenings in Iraq and that over 50% of the electorate chose Bush to continue leading us down this path. ......Can't lose hope I keep telling myself.


MACC has announced a gathering of publishers and users of Catholic Hispanic Materials to figure out what to do to serve the growing Hispanic Catholic community. Serving on the steering committee, I'm thrilled at the prospect of frank talk and creating thinking about the creation and sharing of materials that serve the religious needs of Hispanic Catholics. Video, websites, music, books, lesson plans, animations, hopefully will be part of the discussions that begin October 12 in the afternoon, go on all day 13th, and conclude at noon on the 14th. This is by invitation, so if you know of anyone who wants to join in this conversation, link them to the website.

misery and hope

It's been so long since I've blogged that I forget my ID and passcode. Had to enter 4 times before it worked. Oh well,... Mary's pointing to Fiore's cartoon about Recovery for Depressed Democrats has perked me up. Also, today I received this essay from WACC. Bill Fore worked in media since the 60's, and his wholly negative assessment is dramatic. But his analysis is helpful, making clear the nature of religion now, that in the US we are even "making the Bible itself an idol".

Am beginning to stir again.


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