Cielito and Midw inter Dream

Blogging is tough because connecting from my laptop is not easy here in San Sebastian. also, watching so many films keeps me running from one theatre to another.
I'm at the airport on the way to Dusseldorf and thankful that there is wireless here and there. Somehow, i am connecting without having to pay access fee. The connecton appeared on my laptop as a "wireless available" and I just logged on!

if you get a chance to see these films:
"El Cielito" is from Argentina and a first work. tears, tears, tears. but lots of smiles too. It explores machismo from a tender point of view, proposing alternative images of male heroism.

"Midwinter Night's Dream" stole my heart and had me crying and crying and hoping against hope that in a world full of violence and ignorance we place our life hopes in the strength of simply being a child of God, loving. This film is from Serbia-montenegro. Wonderful!

Both are outstanding and will be great for use in seminary courses that deal theology of hope. try them for different parish groups and in schools and universities, for they are an entry point to discussing options of action when facing unemployment, global poverty, ethnic strife.

'til later.

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