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been away

This long silence will continue for another week. I've been travelling in areas where it is difficult to get online.

Chicana Poetry

"Printed Revolutionary" by Maribel Ledesma reminds me this morning of the power of art.


Ornamention on web pages

This highly decorative personal page is full of information about Ecuadorian Catholic religious practices. What strikes me is the frequent use of animated gifs, coloring and ornamentation that is European-American rather than indigenous Ecuadorian. This is especially evident on this "Rosary" page that explains how to pray the rosary.

They are personal pages of Cecill Torres Villar.


News Bias is In

A Report released by the Pew Research Center, "News Audiences Increasingly Politicized," provides a helpful insight into the way that US news audiences are coalescing around cable outlets that suit their tastes and political biases.

I found a column by Robert J. Samuelson highlights the trend towards insularity in news audiences.


Sonic Arts and Hearing Impaired

I am constantly impressed by the number and quality of media arts centers across the US. These centers are dedicated to community and the aesthetics of beauty and justice.
In Seattle, serving the Pacific Nortwhest, is Jack Straw Productions, devoted to sound art.
They've just announced a "Blind Technology Access Initiative."

Audio technology is becoming predominantly computer-based, and requires sight to navigate a mouse and read the visual sound waves on a monitor. This limits access to audio production for the visually impaired, and requires the help of a sighted person. Jack Straw Productions recently acquired audio production equipment and software that makes it possible for visually impaired musicians, composers, radio producers, and audio engineers to independently record and produce their own work. It is the only blind accessible audio production equipment and software setup available for public use in the Pacific Northwest.


Church Online European Conference

I've just returned from a fantastic holiday in Provincetown, MA.
There is an interesting report on the ninth European Christian Internet Conference, ECIC IX, Cluj, Romania By Sean Hawkey As churches are finding it increasingly difficult to get 'bums on pews', an emerging new breed of church leader is bringing millions to church. They administer pastoral care on a one-to-one basis and in group sessions, provide religious and educational information and services, run diaspora and administrative services. Best of all, from the point of view of the Churches, they are engaging with ever-increasing numbers of the most elusive and high-potential group - youngsters. The unlikely heroes for the Churches are webmasters.???


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