Torture by USA

Mary points to the petition of to push for a full, open investigation of the US tortures in Iraq. Do it now.

Zero in Dublin expresses what so many are feeling. He points to the Washington Post article today by Philip Kennicott.

I do agree that to we, USA, are responsible. In part the article says "these photos are us. Yes, they are the acts of individuals (though the scandal widens, as scandals almost inevitably do, and the military's own internal report calls the abuse "systemic"). But armies are made of individuals. Nations are made up of individuals. Great national crimes begin with the acts of misguided individuals; and no matter how many people are held directly accountable for these crimes, we are, collectively, responsible for what these individuals have done. We live in a democracy. Every errant smart bomb, every dead civilian, every sodomized prisoner, is ours."


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