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Photo ethics?

Alberto sent me this link about a debate regarding the ethics of manipulating photo images with photoshop or other means. The article by Pedro Meyer in Mexico takes issue with the rescinding of a photo award given by the North Carolina Press Photographers Association in the United States to Patrick Schneider. It places photojournalism within the context of corporate news gathering. Very intriguing because the argument gets away from the the approach that tries to simply apply some sort of rules to a text. This type of ethics belongs to a few "erudites" who pretend to be in control of some authoritative formal aesthetic. The argument of Meyer brings in the systemic failures of corporate news gathering within which photo-journalists work.

Gender Links

Here's just one pdf sample of on-line materials that can be used in classroom activities about gender and media can be downloaded from the site of the Gender Links. The description of the manual is not to my liking, being overly instrumental, but the chapters themselves seem very insightful and helpful.

Farenheit 911

Congratulations to Moore for winning Palm d'Or at Cannes!
Can't wait to see "Farhenheit 911."


Pasi�n de Cristo

I've just read the best review of Gibson's film about the torture of Jesus in "Mensaje". It is in Spanish, and very complex. It takes Gibson seriously as a firlm director and rips him to shreds. It takes his theology seriously and elegantly underscores its irrelevance to global poverty and solidarity. Written by Carlos Ignacio Casale Rolle, the lengthy essay begs to be translated into English and circulated among theology students eager to debate/study theological ideas.

Internet use

In January the UCLA issued the first findings about Internet use in 14 countries. It is called the UCLA World Internet Project and confirms that there is a gender gap. Aspects concerning religion and politics are discussed.

Joy about Massachuesetts

The way that Mary is expressing her joining in on the grace that is being lived by the lesbian/gay community in Boston, Mass and beyond, is wonderful and inspiring. I'm in Europe and all the papers are running the pictures of married couples showing love and commitment. The pictures are large and many on the front pages.

Go to the HRC site and sign the million for marriage petition.

Am on my way to catch my flight.

unknown videos

Spiritual Cinema Circle is a site sells videos that do not see wide distribution and are categorized as "spiritual." Good idea I hope flies, as religious ed directors, church study groups and others start using film and video in their classes.


I've been a non blogger this week because I'm attending a weeklong meeting at the Ukrainian Catholic University in lviv about "Icons, Liturgy, and Church Renewal in South Eastern Europe".

Myroslav Marynovych made a profound presentation about the current conditions in Ukraine. Later he said that after spending ten years in prison during the communist regime for his stance on human rights, he believes that forgiveness and love is the path to freedom and reconciliation in the country. These are not just idle words. He directs the Institute of Religion and Society.

A Day Without A Mexican

A Day Without A Mexican" is causing a stir that perplexes me and is enlightening. How could it be a surprise to anyone that the economy of California depends on Mexican laborers, documented and undocumented? CBS news ran a story about this feature length movie.
Anti-Latino and Latina discrimination is strong in California, even though Latinas make up 1/3 of the state population. Perhaps this movie brings up a subject people would rather not see.

The trailer is funny!

Torture by USA

Mary points to the petition of to push for a full, open investigation of the US tortures in Iraq. Do it now.

Zero in Dublin expresses what so many are feeling. He points to the Washington Post article today by Philip Kennicott.

I do agree that to we, USA, are responsible. In part the article says "these photos are us. Yes, they are the acts of individuals (though the scandal widens, as scandals almost inevitably do, and the military's own internal report calls the abuse "systemic"). But armies are made of individuals. Nations are made up of individuals. Great national crimes begin with the acts of misguided individuals; and no matter how many people are held directly accountable for these crimes, we are, collectively, responsible for what these individuals have done. We live in a democracy. Every errant smart bomb, every dead civilian, every sodomized prisoner, is ours."


Rich and Famous

Saturday I went to a photo exhibit here in Houston. If you get a chance to see the touring photography exhibit, "Ricas y Famosas," (Rich and Famous) I think you will flip out. By Daniela Rossell, the pictures are an ethnographic review of the Mexico's super rich women. It does include one man, the son of former Pres. Salinas. See the pathetic disfigurement of human beings by consumption/wealth/material excess. The subjects of the pictures were asked to choose the location for their portrait (they chose their homes), the clothes they would like to wear, and their pose. I was angered, disgusted, felt sorrow and pity.

The book description says:
"Rather than documenting the lifestyles of indigenous peoples, the urban poor, or exotic village scenes--as so many of her colleagues have done and continue to do--she has chosen to explore the habitat, customs, and traditions of the tiniest minority in Mexico: the ultra-rich."


Church and Internet

Jim McDonnel from London writes that the next meeting of the European Christian Internet Conference will be held in Bethlen Kata Diaconical Centre, hosted by the Transylvania Reformed Church. Date is May 22 - 28 in Cluj, Romania. More info is available by contacting the Pres of the ECIC: Mr. Juha Kinanan.


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