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I've been swamped with 2004 office work. Estoy super ocupado!
But there's time for taking care of this now:
The Olive Garden features Gallo wines�including Gallo of Sonoma�as �wine partners� at its restaurants throughout the United States and Canada. In its television ads, this huge corporate chain says �when you�re here, you�re family.� Tell Olive Garden executives that their wine partner, Gallo of Sonoma, doesn�t reflect this motto. Matt and Gina Gallo continue to exploit more than 75% of their vineyard workers by refusing to provide health coverage.

Let the Olive Garden know you have pledged to boycott Gallo wines unless Matt and Gina Gallo and Gallo of Sonoma stop denying basic health coverage to the 75% of their workers supplied by farm labor contractors. The taste, quality and tradition of Gallo of Sonoma wines flow from the people who grow the vines. All Gallo of Sonoma farm workers deserve health benefits through their United Farm Workers contract.

Please e-mail company executives today. Ask them whether the Olive Garden wants to be linked with Gallo of Sonoma�s unscrupulous behavior that contradicts the Olive Garden�s message of �when you�re here, you�re family.� Tell the Olive Garden it should take the responsible stand and urge Gallo of Sonoma to settle with the farm workers.


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