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Yesterday I visited Ximana Chala, one of the inspiring leaders within the Centro Cultural Afroecuatoriano. She is working on a new video about the afroecuadorian legacy in the tourist areas of Ecuador, unveiling many surprises about the African history in Ecuador. If you click on "videos" on the website, you'll find that they offer videos on many interesting topics that you may wish to order. They have some "video clips" that might be useful for small group reflections. They do ship to the United States.

During this seminar, "North-South Radio Dialog," we've discussed the digital radio developments that sound hopeful for radios to operate a second channel, thus allowing for new voices in the US. One of the seminar participants, Fred Flaxman, Director of Development at WEXH, says that his station, WEXL, Florida will begin the digital converson this year. The second channel could be for spanish and other voices???!!! Since we are being hosted by ALER which could easily host a 24-7 service. A the participants are enthused that ideas and collaborations born here may eventually blossom. Latin American stations represented are from Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica. As I mentioned, also present are staff from NPR, PRI and NFCB. This is a wonderful week. More tomorrow.

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