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Feliz Navidad

I'll be off blogging, off computer, off work.
For Christmas I'll be San Antonio with my extended family, eating tamales, empanadas, mole. Peace and happy new year.

The Ten Commandments

Fair keeps an up-to-date watch on media coverage practices and features helpful commentaries. This commentary by Norman Solomon humorously compares the ten commandments to media practices. It has been reprinted in the WACC newsletter, "Action." WACC helped to organize grassroots voices during the recent Geneva Summit. This brief article about community radio during the summit is insightful for naming its strengths.


Howard Dean

Mary points to a speech by Howard Dean on December 7th in which he offers reasons for winning in 2004. The speech is inspiring: "....we want to raise our children in a world in which they are not taught to hate one another, because our children are not born to hate one another." I contributed on-line, so you can too.
Merry Christmas.

Praying and Community in Cyberspace

On Sunday in Dublin I visited the designer of the website, Sacred Space, which is now so popular that it gets 10,000 visitors daily and lots of email. Rev. Alan McGuckian, S.J thought of this design after attending a retreat in India where the group was led through meditation steps. It has certainly hit a responsive chord with people all over the world who want to pray. McGuckian is working with a wonderful, dedicated, talented staff to build Catholic Ireland.Net..

Another really interesting site is Clubbers Temple. I think this site is an example of the new social groups that the Internet makes possible, formed spontaneously because of grace. This site has intersting links, geographically situated in the UK.

Feliz Navidad

The central London traffic and pedestrian congestion is so dense that it is difficult to walk. I am told that everyone is scurrying to do Christmas shopping.
I'll return to Houston next week and get into this frenzy. Tamales will be on my table. This essay reminds me of my family, but it is too "sugar and nice" to be really real. Nonetheless, it's nice to reminisce.
Feliz Navidad.

Geneva Summit

I'm in Amsterdam and keeping an eye on the upcoming "World Summit on the Information Society" (WSIS), a full UN Summit that will be held in December 10-12 in Geneva with a second meeting in Tunis in 2005. Early hopes that the WSIS would tackle a broad range of information and communication issues have been dashed and the agenda that has emerged is concerned mainly with telecommunication and internet related issues, viewed from a technical perspective and a narrowly construed development agenda. Broader communication and media issues, an essential feature of any information society, and human and communication rights that must animate its core, have been largely sidelined.

Stay in touch about the continuing efforts by a coalition of civil non-governmental agencies to make communications rights the center of regulatory policy. See: World Forum on Communications Rights.

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