digital and cheap

Alberto Pigola has been working with me here in houston for two weeks. Yesterday he returned to Montevideo, Uruguay. While here, he made me realize more clearly that technologies are moving so fast toward smallness, efficiency and ubiquity. On my little computer, we were able to capture and edit a broadcast quality digital TV program. Using the same little computer (cost is $1,500) we designed and formatted a high-quality, high-resolution DVD using digital video that looks fantastic on television. I'm not going to link to those technologies so as not to promote one maker over another, but would welcome sharing of ideas about what everyone is using.

Parishes can relocate their liturgy or religious education planning and creative dreaming. Don't do it in the parish office or classroom. Instead, go to homes where computers like mine exist. Young Catholics can take charge and create wonderful psalms on video. The exchange between them and the older generations who are not so computer literate can be very healthy in promoting equilibrium.

If church policy toward media and broadcasting can break away from the metaphor of the centralized TV studio, it will discover the many voices of faith that can find expression through this digital technology.

It's Sunday, let's worship in and with digital culture.


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