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Supply Side Jesus

Brandon sent me this link, "The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus."
Interpretation is everything. This poem by Alberto R�os, "Day of the Refugios" reveals how deeply and importantly we carry interpretation.

And finally, the UN General Assembly is calling on all religions and peoples to keep a peace vigil on 9/21.


I'll copy here the link

I'll copy here the link that Mary discovered about contemplation and social justice, The Hill Connections by Mary Pat Hill, OSM. It's a very rich, useful resource.

Hurray for the Senate voting to overturn the FCC rule that expands the number of TV stations that corporations may own.
You may want to take some action, so I refer to an earlier blog entry, July 24, on this issue.



I saw Baraka, (1992, Ron Fricke), this weekend on my large screen/surround sound system. I recommend it for classroom use, after having been told by Alberto P�gola that he has been using it in his classes at the Catholic University in Montevideo. It can be shown in 20 minute segments during a series of classes. Use good speakers. With no words at all, it carries the storyline and a wordless philosophy. The site says: Baraka is an ancient Sufi word, which can be translated as "a blessing, or as the breath, or essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds."

Hope you enjoy the visual journey.

US folk song: Latin America & Iraq

Listening to our wonderful community radio station, KPFT, last Saturday morning, I was deeply touched by a song about one of our targeted bombs that hit the home of, and killed, the Iraqi artist, Layla Al-Attar. I called the station and got the name of the song, "The Circle," composed and sung by Kris Kristofferson. Once you get to the link, scroll down to find all the lyrics. It think it is great that he blends Layla Al-Attar with the women whose children "disappeared" during the Argentinian DirtyWar.


Terrorism: Five Stations of the Cross

For Post 9/11 -- Consider this dated, but relevant work of United Methodist Women. They prepared these five stations of the cross which work as personal reflection but could also be used in groups. I am listing all five stations here.

Station one, Gethsemane
Station two, Simon of Cyrene
Station three, Jesus Arrested
Station four, Jesus Addressing Daughters of Jerusalem
Station five, Jesus Carries His Cross


The Mediated Spirit

A resource mentioned during the MACC Seminar yesterday on media and church ministry is the CD-ROM by Peter Horsfield. (scroll down the page 'til you get to his name)The Mediated Spirit. This is such an excellent basic framework from which to reflect on media and church issues today.


Resources used in MACC Seminar

Hola to the MACC mini pastoral participants with whom I shared reflections this morning about media, culture and ministry.

As promised, these are the handouts in case you want to either read them online or download them:
Mary Hess, Ph.D. writes about the religious imagination and religious education. It is an invitation to not juse "use the media" but to rethink our education project.

I refered only to his University as a link, but you may want to see this article by Fabio Pasqualetti, Ph.D. He maps out the aspects of digital culture that have implications for religious educators.

David Morgan, Ph.D. promotes the art of listening to and accompanying their congregations and parishioners. This checklist about how to listen, ethnography, relates to still images but can be modified for use with TV, movies and film.

The video, "The Child, the Slums and the Pot Lids" has a reference in an earlier log entry, June 23, 2003. Go to this link and scroll down about a page.

The meditation, "Yo Trabajo La Tierra" is available on the JM website.

It was an energizing morning to be with you. Gracias.

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9/11 Peace

Last night on Larry King Live Walter Cronkite explained clearly and equanimously why he did not support the US invasion of Iraq and why today we are in such a quagmire. His remarks about the so-called patriot act went something like this: "If we destroy our own freedoms in order to protect ourselves from the terrorists, what is the value of protecting ourselves from the terrorists in the first place if what we think of as America is gone?"
I hope that his words will help give impetus to the increasing voice to end Bush's war. Here are a few practical things we can do.

Poetry in the Fields

Look at this absolutely wonderful painting by Jos� Luis Ortiz, anonymous text, in the 2002 Social Justice Calendar. Alberto Pigola told me about the site. The art is uplifting and another invitation to join the struggle of migrant farmworkers. You can donate to the Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network. Also listen to very insightful streaming audio by some of the migrant farmworkers.


CD-ROM for pastoral training

During the meeting in Santiago, (Creadores de Im�genes Cristianas), Arturo Reynoso, sj, presented two CD-ROMs that he has made for trainning. They are very nice and are in Spanish. One is an introduction to the bible and the other one is an introduction to Christology. You can write him and ask about getting a copy. Arturo directs the Centro Cuarto Intermedio in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Tel: (591-4)4232477


Children and TV

I�m attending the annual seminar, �Creadores de Im�genes Cristianas� in Santiago, Chile. The director of research for the national television council (equivalent of the FCC in the US), Mar�a Dolores de Souza, presented some of the research on children and TV in Chile. It is fascinating to see the mix of both quantitative and qualitative research. One of the findings is that children, on their own, re-signify the cartoons and other programs that they see. They do this by drawing and acting. They re-signify violence by drawing pictures of the same TV images but with the violence taken out. Their website has much info. It�s in Spanish.

Put this on your calendar if you want to enjoy Rio de Janeiro while soaking up research about children and TV. The 4th World summit on Media for Children and Adolescents, April 19-23, 2004.


Micro Cinema and Community

The Aurora Picture Show in Houston is an example of meaning-making with art that is counter-cultural. I think churches would find it exciting to explore how to link programmatically with places like this one.

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