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This may be duplication for some but I want to mark this article submitted by Rodd Clarkson on the listserve. It is one view of the future of Linux.


chicano clowning w/religion

I found this strange collage by David Rosales, "The History of Religion in Latin America." Something is turned upside down here with irreverence next to solemnity.

I am interested in finding other provocative images like this one, so share some links if you know of any.

Media Arts Community & Copyright

I woke up remembering friendships of 23 years ago, when I was at the founding meeting of NAMAC and want to recommend it as an important community with whom churches can build relationships. The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture does represent the grassroots media arts community in the US. Media Arts organizations are in many cities.

You can search their website "hot topics" for resources useable for group discussions regarding art and community. Featured on that site right now is a succinct, layperson-friendly, explanation of the copyright issue and its humanistic/ethical importance. I plan to use it as a handout in my next class.


Hispanic Corporate Game

Latino politicians Henry Cisneros and Bill Richardson have been chosen to publicly support the merger of the largest Hispanic TV corporation, Univision, with the largest Hispanic radio corporation, Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. What a sad mix of bedfellows.

These Latino leaders are following the trend of media corporations to merge and control the voice of our community. This deal needs FCC approval, so write and say no to this deal. The FCC may be receptive at this time, because last month their "let's give even more media to the coporations" spree was stopped by congress. The e-mail address is:

The Houston Chronicle has an article, written by the Washington Post, about the political voice-controlling aspect of this deal.
Univision CEO, Jerrold Perenchio, is among an elite club of "pioneers" who have raised at least $100,000 for Bush's 2004 re-election campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a campaign finance watchdog group. "


Psalm 27

After Bishop Gene Robinson was accepted as the first openly gay bishop by the general convention of the Episcopal Church, meeting in Minneapolis Minnesota last week, he was interviewed by "All Things Considered" on NPR. He said that throughout the ordeal of the debate in Minneapolis he prayed Psalm 27. He quoted some of the passages on the air with ringing sincerity "men advance against me to devour my flesh."

"Though an army besiege me,
my heart will not fear;
though war break out against me,
even then will I be confident. ."

Upon hearing his words my faith was deeply touched and vitalized. Gracias a Dios.


Basic human rights in digital age

Communications Rights in the Information Society (CRIS) is a campaign to ensure that communication rights are central to the information society and to the upcoming World Summit to the Information Society (WSIS). The campaign is sponsored and supported by the Platform for Communication Rights, a group of NGOs involved in media and communication projects around the word.

Pradip Thomas from WACC gave a personalized explanation in Vancouver last week.

You can get involved by forming discussion groups for your organization. Take the first step and write to the campaign organizers.


Resources at WACC Vancouver

During the WACC meeting of the central committee here in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I presented a seminar about media from a cultural perspective, shifting away from instrumentalism. The discussions and friendships during this event are affirming.

As promised, these are the handouts in case you want to either read them online or download them:
Mary Hess, Ph.D. writes about the religious imagination and religious education. It is an invitation to not juse "use the media" but to rethink our education project.

Fabio Pasqualetti, Ph.D. maps out the aspects of digital culture that have implications for religious educators.

David Morgan, Ph.D. promotes the art of listening to and accompanying their congregations and parishioners. This checklist about how to listen, ethnography, relates to still images but can be modified for use with TV, movies and film.

The video, "The Child, the Slums and the Pot Lids" has a reference in an earlier log entry, June 23,.


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