Hispanic TV Viewing

Last Thursday, 6/19, I presented a workshop to students at MACC in San Antonio, Texas and they were greatly surprised to learn that US Hispanics, as well as the general population, watch over 50 hours of TV every week. I see two general reactions among ministers to this fact. One is to try to find ways to help their congregation watch less TV and replace that time with other activities that are considered more productive. Another is to find out what meaning the congregation is making of their TV watching and what joy they are finding there.

For information about the latter, Stewart Hoover, Lynn Schofield-Clark and their team of researchers are giving us valuable insightes into meaning-making and the joy of watching.

During TV viewing we both enjoy and denounce. What we like makes us laugh and gives us joy. What we don't like makes us mad and affirms our stance against injustice, shallow consumerism, prejudicial news.

It seems to me that when ministers watch some of that same TV and thus accompany congregations in their enjoyment of viewing experiences, no matter how secular they may appear, this celebration of joy enables the minister to be more attuned to the viewing experience. The result of this is that the minister is better able to help the congregation critically denounce the insidious aspects which are also there.


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